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Affiliate Whiz by Freshwater Aquarium

Affiliate Promotional Page Generator by Freshwater Aquariums Source
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Stephen Broy
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29 December 2009

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This application is about creating web pages for promotion of products that you are selling as an affiliate. What this software lets you do is to generate a page practically automatically; a wizard based interface guides you through the page generation.

Product sellers appoint affiliates to increase sales channels so that probability of sales increases. To do that you need to be able to recruit enough affiliates. The probability of sales increases as more and more affiliates keep promoting the product. Creating such promotional web pages could be quite a task for many. This software takes the technical skills out of the equation. You simply follow the steps suggested by the wizard, fill in the required information and the web page according to a template is ready! A page is generated in a few clicks. The page invites the prospective affiliates to join the network and provides a suitable affiliate link the affiliate could use. Besides the main page other pages generated through the wizard have the banners, AdWords details etc. that affiliates could use for promoting a product. The wizard starts by asking for a title for the page to be generated and the format of the affiliate code that`ll be generated by the affiliate recruiting page. You then get to choose a template (right now there`s only one available), text link promo, PPC ad promo and banner ad promo etc. Signature and email promo. You are able to specify the sequence of emails to be used for auto-responder follow up with your list. Article that could be used and pop up promo code are all organized in next couple of steps.

The tool saves the hassle of creating the affiliate recruitment pages but the interface could have been more intuitive. You could save configurations you are working on and reuse the same.

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Affiliate Promotional Page Generator by Freshwater Aquariums Source. This easy to use app. will help you create a professional looking promo page to show your affiliates you mean business. Have everything they need to promote your new affiliate product at their finger tips. Any good affiliate marketer will go directly from your landing page to your promo page looking for banners and embedded text links to help promote your product. With this software you can dramatically increase your affiliate base and kick back and watch sales go through the roof!
Affiliate Whiz by Freshwater Aquarium
Affiliate Whiz by Freshwater Aquarium
Version 1.0
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